Río San Juan

Dominican Republic

Recommended Hotels

    Río San Juan is a city of almost 15000 inhabitants and it is starting to have some reputation regarding touristic activities. At first, this little city was exclusively devoted to fishing, ranching and farming, but, for some time now, tourism has started to be more economically important. In its most central streets, you can find several restaurants to taste the traditional cuisine; there are art galleries where you can admire the masterpieces of the best Dominican artists and lots of cafeterias and ice-cream parlors where you can relax while you are having a snack or a drink. Enjoy the superb beaches that surround Río San Juan’s coast, and choose that one that fits you best depending on the activities you want to practise. Choose Grande Beach if you want to practice surf or any other aquatic activity. Visit Corpses Beach if you want to spend a relaxed time in its thin sand. If what you want is just cool off and eat at a restaurant afterwards, you should choose Los Minos Beach located at the end of the street. If you are interested in nature, you should go bird watching at the Bird Sanctuary in Gri-Gri Lagoon, or visit La Salcedoa Scientific Reserve. You can also dive in the ocean, there are lots of diving spots prepared for tourists. There is also the possibility to practise golf and enjoy some incredible panoramic views of the ocean.You can also join Río San Juan’s inhabitants in their extraordinary Carnival party, “Carnavarengue”, and enjoy traditional dances like the tune of the local instruments such as the “güira”, the “tambora” (Dominican drum) and the accordion.

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