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    The Kaokoveld is part of the Kunene Region in the far north-west of Namibia. The Kaokoveld is bordered by the Kunene River in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Central North Region in the east and the Damaraland. Parts of the scenic Kaokoveld are very secluded, pervaded by mountain ranges and dry river beds. It is home to the Ovahimba, the last true nomads of Namibia, who on search for water and good pastures trek through the area. Visitors should not travel the Kaokoveld without a 4×4 and even a visit to Epupa should be done in a four wheeler. The summers in the Kaokoveld can be very hot. Temperatures of up to 40°C can be reached. The average annual rainfall varies greatly from west (nearly no precipitation) to east (up to 400 mm). Plants and animals have adapted perfectly to the climatic conditions of the Kaokoveld. Highlights are the desert-dwelling elephants and lions, found especially along the dry river beds. Baobab trees are also quit common. At the Kunene a diverse flora and fauna is found thanks to the abundance of water. Swimming is not recommended as the Kunene is home to big numbers of crocodiles.

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