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    Merano/Meran may be a small city, but it’s also elegant and full of life. With its wealth of history, colours and fragrances, it places great value on its traditions, which are coupled with a modern lifestyle. Today, Merano is an international city with artistic flair, which is particularly appreciated for its many green spaces.

    The enchanting old town of Merano boasts a multitude of magnificent buildings from the Middle Ages and the Belle Époque, which are still used today — such as the Kurhaus or the Merano Theatre. The arches and alleys of Steinach, the oldest district of the city, are particularly atmospheric. Over the years, new, modern buildings, such as the Therme Meran Spa, have been added to these historic buildings. If you are looking for relaxation, we recommend a visit to the terraced gardens right on the Passer river.

    With 18 km of walking paths and 16 hectares of parkland, Merano is a veritable “city of gardens” with Central European charm. The many palm trees, oleander, cactus and colorful flowerbeds throughout the city reinforce this impression. In the centre, numerous walks begin, which already impressed Empress Sissi during her frequent stays in Merano. In her honour, a statue of Lasa marble was made. Starting from the Tappeinerweg trail, arrive at the village of Tirolo/Dorf Tirol via the Küchelberg panoramic chairlift (built in 1952). Don’t be put off by the old chairlift’s appearance... the system is absolutely functional.

    A few km from the old town, the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, an avant-garde botanical garden, stretch across 12 acres. As you walk along the idyllic paths and trails, you should definitely visit the “Matteo Thun’s viewing platform”. This oversized set of binoculars provides a view to the top of the Merano basin. Right next to the gardens is the Touriseum, the first museum on the history of tourism in South Tyrol. Also worth seeing are the Women’s Museum, which houses the most extensive collection of clothes and accessories from the period 1820-1990, as well as a synagogue, which now houses a Jewish museum.

    The Kunst Meran Museum is a 500 m² exhibition area spread across several levels, which is connected by stairs and walkways. With its art and architecture exhibitions, Kunst Meran emphasises the artistic flair of the city. Horse lovers will enjoy the thrilling racing atmosphere at the Merano Racecourse.

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