Gold Coast


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    The high growing region of modern Australia is located in the South East Queensland with the population of 508 thousand people. First settlements appeared here due to the hinterland’s red cedar supply, and also with a purpose to develop cotton and sugarcane plantations. The resort development started in the 20-s in the place Elston, now known as Surfer Paradise — the best entertainment spot in the Gold Coast. Mild tropical climate, stunning 42-km beach coastline with gold sand and numerous attractions make Gold Coast the ideal vacation spot and the best surfing region. Tourists can enjoy the beach with the caressing sun and warm sea, visit national parks and zoos with exotic flora and fauna and renowned entertainment parks: Sea World, featuring water attractions and sea animal shows; Cinema World, the Australian-style Hollywood; and Dream World, local Disneyland with numerous attractions and theme shows. Gold Coast today is one of the most prestige places of living not only in Australia, but in the whole world.

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