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    Seattle is a large city located in Washington on the northwest of the USA with the population of 600 thousand people. Practically all local citizens live in private one-storey houses on the narrow streets. However, like in every American city, the downtown has skyscrapers, main shops, restaurants and tourist spots. Space Needle Tower, which is 184 meters high, is the city’s most recognizable landmark. From its observation deck opens a stunning view of the city, Cascade Range, Mount Rainier, Elliott Bay and surrounding islands. Seattle is home to world-famous companies, such as Boeing Aircraft, Microsoft and Weyerhaeuser. Elliott Bay coast features one of the oldest continually operated public farmers’ markets in the United States — Pike Place Market, which opened in 1907. Seattle is often called the “Emerald City”: it stretches among picturesque parks, mountain ranges and evergreen hills descending to Puget Sound. Seattle is surprisingly welcoming — being a large industrial city, it still has a unique hospitality, more common for small towns.

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