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    The sun had barely start to light the city with its sunshine. 6 a.m. — it’s time to start dance classes under the sky. It’s this daily repeated ritual that shows how strong traditions in China are. In spite of the involvement into the world economy, English classes taking place in each neighborhood, smiles and seeming tolerance to strange things and European values, Beijing is still greatly closed world for the foreigners. Three styles of architecture predominate in urban Beijing. First of all, it’s traditional architecture of the Imperial China, perhaps best exemplified by the massive Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tiananmen), architectural symbol of China, as well as Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven. The second style relates to the 50-70s of the XX century, which resemble soviet constructions of the same period. And finally, there are modern architectural forms, mainly located in the Central business district. Among other famous sights are the Badaling (the section of the Great Wall of China) and the Summer Palace. Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic China with the population about19 million people.

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