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    Tel-Aviv is a relatively young city located on the 14-km coast of the Mediterranean. It was founded in 1949 and soon became economic and cultural centre of the country with the population of 392 thousand people. However, the real history of Tel-Aviv lies in Jaffa and adjacent town, counting more than 3000 years. Old Jaffa, build in the times of the Ottoman Empire, attracts a lot of tourists with its stone houses and picturesque narrow streets. Today it is the city’s artists district. Among various tourists attractions are Gan Ha-Pisgah with its unique atmosphere, art galleries and souvenir stores specializing in Judaica; splendid bund; tourist center on the Kdumim Square, and the port which is always crowded with fishermen. Old Jaffa also features Christian spots: St. Peter’s Church, built in the 17 century, the House of Simon Tanner, where Peter first realized the gospel message had to be extended beyond the confines of Judaism, and the grave of Tabitha resurrected by Peter. Close to Old Jaffa is an old ottoman clock-faced tower, lively flea market which is surely worth visiting and Ajami Neighborhood. The center of Tel-Aviv, known as White City, comprises the world’s largest concentration of Bauhous buildings, due to which White City was designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

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