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    Shanghai is the largest city in China and one of the biggest in the world with the population of 24 million people. Historically Shanghai used to be very pro-Western, and now it still plays the part of the main center in communication between China, Europe and America. It has especial charm, due to which in the 20-s western merchants called it “Paris of the East”. The combination of western and eastern cultures is felt in the atmosphere of the city like nowhere else in the world. Masterpieces of oriental architecture of past centuries go along with the top modern buildings. Skyscrapers, banks, entertainment centers, colorful advertisement — this is all modern Shanghai. Sometimes it seems that Shanghai has gathered all the flowers in the world. Blossoms are everywhere — on the trees, bushes and flowerbeds, and all the year round. It’s the city different from any other places in China, and all the more in the world. Shanghai has outrun the history of China, at the same time gently preserving it. Bright, never sleeping, friendly to all the foreigners — that’s all Shanghai!

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