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    Saint-Moritz is one the renowned ski resort in Switzerland, located on the southern Alpine slope. Perfect sunny weather, incomparable mountain air, excellent ski slopes both for beginners and advanced, impeccable service and well-developed entertainment infrastructure attract tourists from around the world. Saint-Moritz became known worldwide more than 300 years ago due to its healing hot springs. In medieval times people from all over the world came here to bathe in its curing baths. The town is rather small with the population of 6 thousand people; however its suburbs house some luxurious villas, whose owners are billionaires. Annually Saint Moritz hosts many large-scale European events: elite sport competitions, festivals, concerts and jewelry exhibitions. One of the renowned landmarks in Saint Moritz is its Abbey withnumerous ecclesiastical treasures. Not far from the town lies the Lungin Lake, where takes its start the picturesque River Inn. It is the perfect place for romanticists and those who are tired of city’s hustling and bustling pace — not a sole around, just the rustle of leaves swaying on a quite wind, and the murmur of water falling from a short weir into the river. One of the newly opened and pleasant routes is called “the flower path of Heidi”. Along the road grow alpine plants including delicate edelweisses. Mountain forests, quiet alpine meadows, murmuring streams and picturesque valleys — Saint Moritz is an embodiment of a true Alpine beauty.

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