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    Geneva is second largest city of Switzerland located on the southwest of the country on the border with France, on the western coast of the Geneva Lake. It is one of the most amazing cities on the planet. It’s rather small in size with the population of 185 thousand people, but at the same time it is considered the most cosmopolitan city in Switzerland. Geneva is divided by the lake in two parts: the left coast hosts Old Town with all tourist attractions, the right one house head quarters of numerous international organizations, banks and other business enterprises. Within the city there are various bathes, swimming pools and beaches featuring water sports and other activities. Tourists can sail on the lake or go cruising along the River Rhone which flows into the lake. The symbol of the city is the fountain Jet d’Eau which spurts rise 145 meters above the ground and symbolize the drive to the kingdom of the spirit. The other unique landmark is the Flower Clock located in the city center. Over 6500 natural flowers are used for its creation. More than 30 museums keep rare collections depicting the cultural development of the city over centuries. The visit to the Old Town with its narrow streets and historical cathedrals will bring Genevan colors to tourists’ life.

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