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    Hvar is the longest island of the coastal Croatia. Numerous landmarks, beautiful landscapes and mild climate make it an attractive resort. The city of Hvar is the largest on the island. It is a picturesque and bright town with narrow streets and the population of 4 thousand people. The main landmark is St. Stephan’s Cathedral built in the 16 century. Above the town rises Venetian citadel, St. Nikolas’s Fortress, built in the Napoleon times. The town houses the oldest European public theatre located on the terrace of the gothic Arsenal. In summer tourists can sail to near-by islands Pakleni Otoci (the Hell Isles) with splendid sandy and pebble beaches. The islands got their scary name long time ago, when they were the place of resin production for the soaking of ship timber. Nowadays the islands have become one of the most popular nudist beaches in Europe. One of the unforgettable events is the Summer Festival lasting for three months and featuring concerts, folklore ensembles and theatre performances.

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