South Korea

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    Seoul has been the capital of Korea for six centuries. Its population is about 10.5 million people. The spirit of the past is soaring in the labyrinth of its streets. The cultural heritage of the city is infinite. At the same time Seoul has long been a leading global city. It’s popular for its shopping, business meetings, participation in the international conferences and medical treatment. The city has many historical monuments and delightful modern architecture. The Palace of Shining Happiness (Gyeongbokgung) is one of Seoul’s five main palaces, which entrance lies through the Gwanghwamun (the Gates of Shining Virtues). Their perimeter and roof are guarded from evil forces by mythical animals. The Jogyesa Temple is the center of Zen Buddhism in Korea. In front of the main building there are Northern and Japanese white pines, growing here for more than 500 years. Along the street around Jogyesa Temple are many shops selling monastic clothes, wooden gongs, prayer beads and Buddhist writings. On the day of Buddha’s birthday hundreds of pilgrims head to the Ponynsa Temple and light lanterns there. The landmark of Seoul is the Namsan Mountain with the tower, fountains and botanical garden on its top. Popular shopping spot Itaewon features restaurants, hotels, and more than 2000 stores different in size and assortment. In the city there is an entertainment park with attractions and walking paths along the lake. Business and commercial district is situated around COEX Mall. Besides the concentration of five-star hotels there is an entertainment complex, best in town. Samsung Clinic is located in a few minutes drive from COEX, offering medical treatment of high-end technology and examination on the state-of-the-art equipment.

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