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    Shenzhen is the major city in the south of the Guangdong province, situated in the delta of the Pearl River. Less than 30 years ago it was a small fishing village; and now its population has reached 8.5 million of people. The remarkable sights of Shenzhen are grand landscape parks like “China Miniature World”, “Chinese Folk Culture Village”, “Window of the World”, and safari-park “Wild World”. The city is buried in verdure. It has rectangular network planning, that’s why it’s impossible to get lost in it. Shenzhen is an excellent place to spend holidays, especially for those who like diverse entertainment. Tourists can enjoy different dancing shows in special pavilions or have fun in the stirring disco clubs. Shenzhen is famous for its marvelous beach resorts with pristine water, where travelers can enjoy water-skiing with the fresh sea breeze. The climate is splendid, with a short winter and long summer. It’s a perfect place to spend a vacation.

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