Recommended Hotels

    Sanya lies at the southern tip of Hainan Island, on the three sides surrounded with high picturesque mountains covered with forests. Nearby are located several beautiful bays with magnificent white-sand beaches and pristine water. There is always a lot of sunshine, with birds singing and flowers blossoming all the year round. Sanya offers excellent diving facilities. Even those who are not into diving will love snorkeling around amazing coral reef. Visitors to Sanya should attend its hot springs — baths with different temperature and composition surrounded by lush greenery of the tropical garden.

    In 80 km away there is a Nanwan Island inhabited by more than 2000 monkeys. They live in natural conditions, fearlessly coming up to people and eating from their hands. Pearl Culture Center is located on the way to the Island, and is surely worth visiting. The South-China pearl is reputed for its beauty, variety of colors, gloss and longevity. Sanya has all world leading hotels, lots of cafes and restaurants serving superb Chinese cuisine, as well as European delicacies. Night clubs, discos, and karaoke bars create all conditions for active vacation.

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