Kota Kinabalu


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    Kota-Kinabalu is a Malaysian city located on the northwest coast of the Borneo Island. It is a modern city with skyscrapers rising to the sky, high standard of living and excellent tourism infrastructure. One of the most beautiful places is the central bund which is always noisy and lively. Not far from it there is a Filipino Market with souvenir shops. The city got its name after Kinabalu Mountain which rises not far from the city. In spite of its rather big height the mountain has an easy access. Tourist can climb it without special equipment, though it is highly recommended to use attendant’s service. On the western side of the city there is a lovely beach with unsurpassed tropical surroundings and warm azure sea. Different excursions to the islands of the Marine Preserve start from this spot. The road from the city to the National Park Kinabalu is very picturesque running through rice paddies, old villages and beautiful valleys. On the way to the park tourists have a chance to walk along the longest in the state of Sabah canopy bridge, hanging 50 meters above the ground among the upper levels of the rainforest. Sabah’s north-western coast is close to the Turtle Islands. Their coastal waters are abundant with green and hooked-nosed turtles, which get out of the water on the deserted beaches to lay eggs all the year round. The Borneo Island gives a unique opportunity to immerse in the world of extraordinary nature, see the grand mountain ranges with mysterious grottos and caves, ancient mangrove forests with unique plants and animals, and the pristine water with coral gardens and thousands of underwater inhabitants.

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