South Korea

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    Pyeongchang district is located in the Taebaek Mountains on the north-eastern part of South Korea, in 180 km from Seoul. Its population is about 46 thousand people. Here tourists can find various entertainments for activity holidays: ski resorts, rafting on mountain rivers, fishing in Syhyun Valley, rock climbing and trekking. Numerous mountains, rocks, rivers, gorges, valleys, canyons, fresh air and beautiful landscapes attract the tourists. Though Pyeongchang is famous for activity holidays, it also has some sights which are worth visiting. Mountain Park Odaesan has many Buddhist relics, like, for instance, Woljeongsa Temple which was built in 643. Besides, Pyeongchang holds many festivals: the Snow Flower Festival, Mountain Tradition Herb Festival, festivals of music and even potatoes! Local people are very brisk. In winter they take part in funny competitions, climbing ice rocks; in summer they put out chili peppers coloring the streets in red. In fact they are just drying them to prepare the sauce, but this daily routine makes the town even more interesting. At night Pyeongchang wakes up dazzling with lively bars and cafes which attracts a lot of tourists.

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