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    The Cebu Island is located in the central part of the Philippines’ archipelago with its largest city’s population of 798 thousand people. White sandy beaches washed by blue sea and abundant with underwater inhabitants attract many divers and lovers of beach vacation. Tourists who like active holidays can go trekking in wonderful forests and hills of the island. Those who are interested in history will find here ancient churches and patrimonial mansions. Cebu is the most significant island of the Philippines in terms of history. It was this island where Magellan landed many years ago and was later killed on the nearby island Mactan. The Cebu Island still houses the remains of the wooden cross set, as the legend says, by Magellan. It is the place of pilgrimage with a small chapel, which was built over it a century ago. Besides historical places, the Cebu Island offers high-developed resort infrastructure with luxurious hotels, restaurants and superb beaches.

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