Ho Chi Minh


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    Saigon is the southern capital of Vietnam with the population of 7 million people. The city got its modern name, Ho Chi Minh, in 1975 after the founder of the state. Due to its ideal geographical location, topography and climate, Saigon is developing rapidly, becoming one of the main ports in South East Asia. It features streets and squares with French architecture built in the colonial style. Napoleon’s descendants settled in Saigon so deeply, that even today are found here more often than other Europeans — in the 19 century Saigon was conquered by France and got under its powerful cultural influence. Despite this fact, Saigon still has many Vietnamese temples, pagodas and local markets. In Pagodas monks pray burning incenses, while artists cut out of wood small statues in their studios — that all makes daily exotics of Vietnam. Saigon has an easy access to Dalat, Nha Trang and Hanoi, as well as the Mekong delta with its spacious rice paddies and villages on the tangled canals’ banks, shaded by coconut palms. Saigon suburbs house Cu Chi tunnels, famous for their underground labyrinths, dug during the Vietnam War, or the American War, as locals call it. Here are located beaches Mui Ne and Vung Tau, with the Island PhuQuoc, situated in a few minutes’ flight off the coast. Bright, lively, Europeanized, resembling other Asian pearls — Hong Kong and Singapore — Saigon has a great potential for the further growth attracting travelers and businessmen from around the world.

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