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    Krabi is a rapidly developing resort located 170 km to the east of Phuket. This is the “country of 1000 islands” with white sandy beaches and green palm groves, pristine ocean and fresh sea breeze. Primeval natural beauty has preserved here in gorgeous coral reefs inhabited by giant turtles that come up to the shores. The city of Krabi is situated near the mouth of the river, flowing into the Andaman Sea. The population of the city is 500 thousand people, though just a few years ago Krabi was absolutely infamous. The distinguishing landscape feature of the city and its surroundings is intricately shaped limestone cliffs. Krabi got well-known due to Susan Hoi — one of the three world shell fossils, which is 75 million years old. Krabi welcomes tourists at any time of the year: it’s got an ideal climate allowing travelers to enjoy the natural beauty of this place.

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