Monte Carlo


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    Monaco is one of the smallest countries of the world with the population of 35 thousand people, located on the south of Europe on the Mediterranean coast on the borders with France and Italy. Its convenient harbor is home to the picturesque and quiet big sea port with the most luxurious yachts from all around the world. Monte-Carlo is one of the Monaco’s regions. It houses the oldest and reputable casino in the world and the first gaming house in Europe. The casino features Cabaret and Opera House (Garnier Hall) which is considered to be the most elegant casino hall. Less excitable tourists will love numerous bars, night restaurants and shows. People come here on the renowned Monaco Grand-Prix — the race stage of the Formula-1. Those who are into quite vacation will find here splendid sandy beaches, gardens and palaces of the principality, well-equipped sports grounds, tennis courts, golf, yacht-clubs, fitness centers and swimming pools. Due to its tremendous location between the sea and the mountains, amidst lush gardens, and its cultural and sport events, Monaco is a wonderful place for the eventful and unforgettable vacation.

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