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    Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Archipelago. Before the Spanish arrival in the 15 century here lived the tribe of Guanches. “Tenerife” on their dialect means “snow mountain”. Its unusual name and the status of the highest island in the Atlantic Ocean Tenerife got after the Teide Volcano. Its tip is seen from the vessels coming to the Canary Islands. All crater’s territory comprises the national park, the most attended in Spain. Curved clinker streams, rich color palette and whimsical stone shapes make an astonishing impression. Tenerife hosts a great variety of beaches: pebble, rocky and sandy. Sandy beaches can be yellow and black, due to the volcanic sand coloring the coast in the unusual shades. Tenerife is the island of eternal spring. Even in winter it never rains here. The sea is always warm making it possible to do any kind of water sport all the year round. Tenerife is home to the capital of the Canary Archipelago, Santa Cruz. It is the modern Spanish city with labyrinths of narrow streets, parks and squares intersected with lively avenues. In winter is holds the Carnival, the second largest event after Brazilian one. During the Carnival the city turns into a small Rio, with a merry atmosphere of bouts and binges.

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