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    The Evian resort is located on the picturesque shores of the Geneva Lake, in the foothills of the Alps, on the border with France and Switzerland. The resort is famous for its alkaline mineral springs, which gave its name to the renowned mineral water — Evian. In medieval times Evian was the economic center of France and the large trade port. At this time the healing effects of its mineral waters were discovered. Besides the health centers, Evian, with the population of a little more than 8 thousand people, is a place of numerous restaurants, casinos, entertainment and sports centers. Its surroundings feature traditional fishing settlements, medieval chateaus, Renaissance museums, all with panoramic views of the blossoming parks and mountains. Due to its location the resort creates an atmosphere of complete serenity apart from the outer world. At the same time, it’s within easy access to Geneva and Lyon. Full of real French charm and famous for its unique healing springs, Evian is a popular tourist destination.

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