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    The Langkawi archipelago is the largest and densely populate in Malaysia. It is comprised of 104 islands with the largest Pulau Langkawi. 20 years ago Malaysian government announced the island as a free trade place, which marked the beginning of its economic growth and prosperity. In a short period of time the island inhabited mostly by fishermen and peasants has become the world tourism center. “Langkawi” on the Malaysian dialect means “the island of the red eagle”. Indeed here live very rare species of eagles with reddish-brown wings. Langkawi is that kind of places which is often called paradise. It has preserved untouched landscapes of primeval wild nature. Having risen from the sea more than 5000 million years ago, these islands still keep amazing geologists with the uniqueness of their rocky formations. The whole island can be admired when climbing the rope way. The breathtaking view opens from there showing white-sand beaches and green cliffs washed by tender waves of the warm sea. Here are still found wild landscapes and mysterious caves with stalactites and stalagmites. Pristine blue water, fresh sea breeze, subtle underwater world with its unexplored inhabitants make the Island of Langkawi.

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