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    Osaka is the second largest city of Japan after megalopolis Tokyo-Yokohama, with the population of more than three million people. It was founded many years ago on the place where sea vessels and river boats could unload, not far from the ancient capitals Kyoto and Nara. Nowadays Osaka with its suburbs and satellite towns comprises industrial center of leading economic region Kansai. The city has many tourists spots with the most distinguishing Osaka Castle built in 1583. The castle is surrounded by moat with stone walls and different constructions. Nisinomaru Gardens, which are the part of the Castle Park, are a great place to watch cherry blossom, hanami, and is very popular among the Japanese. The city is cut by canals connected to the Yodo River, that’s why Osaka is often called “Japanese Venice”. The city has high-developed trade hosting many boutiques of world-famous brands. Visitors, travelling with families, usually attend the theme park Universal Studios Japan.

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