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    Old Vienna, New Vienna — each its side is so diverse with luxurious Baroque constructions, “golden” modern style and contemporary architecture. The imperial Vienna can be discovered when walking along the streets of the former Habsburg monarchy, visiting palaces of Shconbrunn and Belvedere, looking at the Control Center of the once powerful empire or enjoying Ringstrasse with its private palaces and public buildings. St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Spanish Riding School and the giant Ferris wheel in Prater equally characterize the powerful country as well as sarcophagus of the imperial crypt. Vienna is the imperial city of music and art and European entertainment capital featuring an extensive variety of attractions, especially for the family vacations. Annually, Viennese museums make up creative programs popular among children and adults. Thus Schonbrunn, the world’s oldest zoo (counting more than 250 years) has turned into the most modern and beautiful zoos in the world.

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