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    Munich is a pearl of Central Europe, the capital of the Free State of Bavaria, located on the Isar River on the south of Germany. During the World War II the city was hit by 71 air raids which caused serious destructions. In 1972 Munich hosted XX Summer Olympics. By the beginning of the games, the greater part of the city center was restored with subways laid and Olympic village built. In 1992 a modern international airport was constructed in the city. Munich today is one of the most interesting and dynamic German cities. There is everything for every taste — from museums to pubs and breweries. The city’s atmosphere is unique — it’s cosmopolitan and at the same time filled with the provincial charm. The city is famous for the hospitality of its citizens and numerous Bavarian festivals bringing lots of impressions to the tourists. Oktoberfest is a large-scale beer festival taking place annually at the end of September — beginning of October, on the renowned Theresienwiese. The city has numerous monuments, grand museums and art galleries. Munich lies at the foothills of Bavarian Alps — during the winter season sportsmen from all over the world come here to ski. Promenades along Munich’s streets are quite pleasant with different architectural styles: gothic, baroque and rococo.

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