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    In a small country Bhutan, located between India and China among the Himalayan Mountains, lie the city Paro. It is the administrative center of the Paro District. The national Bhutanese sport is archery, that’s why Paro features numerous long fields for bowing. Paro holds annual archery festivals, at the end of which national songs and dances praise the winner teams. The monarch, a young king favored by the whole country, takes care of the culture preservation, which can be seen literally everywhere: men wear traditional striped or checked ropes, television was prohibited less than ten years ago, the streets still don’t have traffic lights. Main tourist attractions are Dzongs, Buddhist fortress-monasteries, with the most well-known is Tiger’s Nest. Dwelling houses are richly decorated with carvings and paintings. Paro is situated on the western part of Bhutan with a population of 15 thousand people.

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