Czech republic

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    Prague is the capital of Czech Republic with a population of 1.2 million people. The most famous place in Prague is the historical center of the capital. The stone Prague, golden Prague, magical Prague, 100-tower Prague — each name points out one side of the city. Prague’s history started to be recorded in the 9 century; today it is a lively city housing some ancient corners. Each building embodies the architectural masterpiece. The main tourist attractions are 18 stone and steel bridges connecting the banks of the Vltava River. One of the most beautiful is the Charles Bridge, a masterpiece of medieval architecture. The landmark of the European Gothic is St. Vitus Cathedral, which construction lasted for almost 600 years. The city is full of beautiful fountains. In 1993 five central historical districts of the city were designated by UNESCO as the world cultural heritage. The historical center of the capital, dating more than 10 centuries, attracts its visitors with a unique mix of all architectural styles, from romantic rotundas along the gothic towers to the renaissance manor houses and palaces, Jewish synagogues, Roman Catholic churches and monasteries. The city is intersected by numerous side streets, gilded towers and churches’ domes.

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