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    Rovinj is located on the western coast of Istria Peninsula, Croatia. One can hardly find such a romantic place like this. It is not accident that local citizens and tourists call the city “the northern pearl of Croatia”. Rovinj is a multinational city; its citizens are Croatians, Italians, Serbians, Slovenians, and Albanians. Due to its picturesque countryside, location and natural attractions, Rovinj is very romantic and attracts thousands of tourists annually. Its narrow, rapidly upward streets and whimsical architectural outlook with house walls descending into the sea resemble the fairy-tale land and charm from the first sight. The city is surrounded by 22 islands with the largest of St. Andrew’s and St. Catherine’s. For tourists’ comfort the beaches are bulk and made up of pebbles. There are small cozy bays, which make it comfortable for kids’ bathing, and there are also some nudist beaches. Promenades in Rovinj are a total immerse in time. Town Hall, Church of St. Eufemia, Church of the Holy Trinity, Franciscan Monastery with its unique smell of ancient manuscripts, Heritage Museum and Clock Tower are the main landmarks of the city. Rovinj combines the eternity of Rome, elegance of Venice and charm of the Mediterranean.

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