Sveti Stefan


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    Sveti Stefan — an amazing place. Once upon a time it was an ordinary fishing village, and now it is a unique hotel complex class “de luxe”. There is a small island connected to the shore by a narrow sand isthmus from 9 km east of Budva. This island is about five hundred meters from the Adriatic coast of Montenegro.

    The beaches are pebbly, with sand, because of the special mineral composition of the local, pebbles have a pink tint, which is especially noticeable in the rays of the setting sun and the dawn. This creates a peaceful and romantic mood remains in the memory, causing the desire to come back at least once. Because of its numerous advantages, the island received the prestigious “Golden Apple”, handing by the international tourist organization for the best resorts in the world.

    Along the beautiful promenade path-from the island of Sveti Stefan is possible to get to the village of Milocer which is known for its extensive park, at one time it was the property of the royal family. Numerous relict and rare plants in the park are striking in their beauty and variety of forms, types and shades of green. Well known here The Queen’s Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. In the vicinity of the island — a medieval monastery Praskavitsa and the church, that is carved into the rock. This sights attracts many tourists who come to Montenegro from all over the world.

    The city is perfectly preserved medieval architecture. Narrow streets, small squares, churches allow plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. All the buildings look the same on the outside, as well as a few centuries ago, and inside there is a super-modern rooms and apartments.

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