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    Ladispoliis a townandcommunein theMetropolitanCityof Rome,Lazio, andcentralItaly. City is located 35 kilometers west of center of Romeon theMediterranean Sea, just 25 minutes from Rome’s International Leonardo Da Vinci airport and 20 minutes from one of Italy’s major cruise ship ports: Civitavecchia.

    Lazio has a rather mild climate so it can be visited the whole year round. Having said this, spring and autumn months are to be preferred for visiting its cities, towns, villages and sites of interest.

    The history of Ladispoli is quite ancient: the town itself dates back to 1888, when Prince Don Ladislao Odescalchi decided to carve up into lots the territory between the Vaccina and Sanguinara streams, thus creating a tourism town that bore his name. But the place’s long ago past has left traces, still considerable today, of settlements — first Etruscan, then Roman, and lastly Medieval. In fact, we would have to go back more than two thousand years to reconstruct the real story of Ladispoli.

    Despite the importance of these archaeological findings, the real landmark of Ladispoli is the town’s Torre Flavia. Centuries of coastal erosion has meant that this medieval watch tower, built on what was at the time the mainland, is now situated some 80 meters out to sea. Between Cerveteri and Ladispoli lies the WWF’s Marsh of Torre Flavia: a wetland of vital importance for numerous species of migratory avifauna and an absolute must for birdwatchers.

    The coastline along which Ladispoli stretches is home to myriad of beach establishments and fully equipped facilities provided with all the comforts for spending days in the sun and surf.

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