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    Sumba is a most beautiful island in the world! In any case, the locals and all those foreigners who are fortunate enough to land on Sumba are sure of this. Sumba is a desolate semi-steppe in the east and emerald forests of sandalwood and cinnamon trees in the west. In the early British nautical charts, Sumba was designated as Sandalwood Island, due to its fragrant forests.

    The special shape of the roof of the houses is the trademark of Sumba. But not because of this, the island has received world fame. Megalithic tombs, which are built to this day, attract ethnographers, historians and independent researchers who are trying to penetrate the secrets of the ages. On Sumba, as in a historical reserve, traditions and foundations have not changed much over their entire long life. After millennia, the construction of megalithic tombs of large stones is practiced in our days. But not just practiced, but requires strict observance of ancient rituals.

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