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    Bangkok is the capital of Thailand with the population of 12 million people. The Old Town District strikes with its temples and architectural complexes. The Grand Palace and the main country temple of the Emerald Buddha are situated here. Old Town hosts numerous smaller temples where the Thai people can worship to Buddha, but Emerald Buddha Temple is the most sacred place in Thailand with stupendous Chinese mosaic, bronze and iron ornaments, stained glass and frescos. Here is located the Royal Pantheon with the statues of eight previous kings. Old Bangkok is hovered with wisdom and silence. All spiritual and cultural relics of the country, museums and national theatres are located here. The Dusit District has administrative offices, the King’s Residence and the National Parliament. It’s the place of high-ranking people, though kindly welcoming representatives of other social groups as well. Bangkok’s Chinatown is equally charming. It features various cheap markets, stores, coffee-shops and tea rooms creating the great opportunity to savor delicious tea and buy Chinese medicines. Chinese Diaspora lives here. Silom is Bangkok’s business district where consulates, foreign missions and international enterprises are located. This is a place for conferences, negotiations, symposiums and business gatherings. It is famous for its parks; many tourists come here to visit these places. Silom is home to Siam Square with its famous shopping malls. The capital of Thailand is full of dignity and profound wisdom making it possible for Bangkok to develop intensively, at the same time preserving its uniqueness and national color, attracting millions of tourists from around the world.

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