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    The city of Antalya Turkey comes fifth among the Turkish cities in terms of population, it is one of the important Turkish cities regarding the of economic growth, the economy of the city depends on tourism, trade, and agriculture, it is famous for its ancient history, beautiful nature, lovely sun, blue sea, and its tourist attractions which are known locally and globally, not to mention its beaches which are some of the cleanest and best beaches ever on the Mediterranean coasts. The beautiful city of Antalya is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the southwest of Turkey, its lands are connected to the north with Izmir province, and from the east with Mersin Province, and it is one of the major tourist provinces in Turkey. Antalya’s weather is a very special one as the Taurus Mountains protect Antalya from the cold northern winds, making the temperature in Antalya consistent with the Mediterranean temperature, and thanks to this, the weather in Antalya is hot and dry in summer, warm and rainy in the winter. In general, Antalya enjoys about 300 sunny days around the year, and the temperatures range between 15 and 28 degrees celsius, as the sea and the northern wind help make the high temperatures acceptable and pleasant. Antalya has a large number of tourist attractions such as Duden Antalya Waterfalls which consist of upper and lower waterfalls on the Duden River, and these waterfalls were named after this river. Also, there are Lara Antalya Waterfalls which are about forty-meters height, and the Manavgat Antalya waterfalls which are one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in Turkey. There is also the ancient Antalya city with its Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman monuments that still stand as a witness to those civilizations until this day. In the port of the Old City, there are restaurants with sea views and boats moored in that port, and among the tourist attractions in Antalya, there is the Koprulu Valley, which is a water park that covers an area of 366 km².

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