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Bayou Villas

Antalya , Turkey

Opened October 1, 2022

Modern interiors, private pools, outstanding flavors, high level of comfort. Bayou Villas, which consist of only private living rooms for you; offer an original, stylish and completely new kind of vacation


The nearest airport is Antalya Airport, 12 km from Bayou Villas-Ultra All Inclusive.


Being innovative, unique and beyond the dreams, BAYOU Villas hosts its guests at 24 private villas on an area of 25 thousand sq m. With 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms on an area ranging from 250 m 2 to 1.000 sq m, each villa has its own private garden and swimming pools with fresh and salt water.

Bayou Villa With One Bedroom

Imagine a privileged world of 246 sqm, designed exclusively for you and your dear ones. Bayou Villa, that makes you to feel that everything is under your hands, offers a stylish vacation with its private garden, fresh water lagoon pool, 25 sqm heated seawater pool and excellent services.

Bayou Villa With Two Bedrooms

Imagine a privileged world of 502 sqm, designed exclusively for you and your dear ones. Spacious, comfortable and peaceful zones. Rejuvenate yourself in the spacious and confortable zones of Bayou Villa, combining esthetic, comfort and privileges.

Bayou Villa With Four Bedrooms

Imagine a world full of privileges with 983 m² of space that has been created exclusively for you and your dear ones. Comfort experience beyond luxury. Discover the limitless world of Bayou Villa, offering exclusive services, wide living spaces and unique views, and a vacation beyond expectations.

Room Categories

Bayou Villa With One Bedroom
Двухместный номер с завтраками, 246 кв. м.
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Bayou Villa With Two Bedrooms
Четырёхместный номер с завтраками, 502 кв. м.
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Bayou Villa With Three Bedrooms
Шестиместный номер с завтраками, 693 кв. м.
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Bayou Villa With Four Bedrooms
Восьмиместный номер с завтраками, 983 кв. м.
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Included services

  • Personal Assistant. We will add to your hotel experience by providing you with a personal assistant who you can call on at any time.
  • Meeting with Champagne and Flowers. On special occasions, we welcome our guests with champagne and colorful flowers.
  • Priority Registration. You can get your vacation off to a great start by taking advantage of our Priority Check-in service.
  • Private Pavilion. You can enjoy your time in your Villa’s private pavilion on the beach.
  • Buggy transfers. With our buggy transfer you can easily get to any destination and at any time you want (optional).
  • Valet Service. We provide secure car parking for our guests and free parking services for the duration of the holiday.
  • Airport Transfer. Only valid for Bayou Villas Web and Call center bookings.
  • Priority Reservations. We offer priority reservations at 9 different a’la carte restaurants in the Lara Barut Collection.
  • A La Carte Restaurant. You can use the service of the Weik A’la Carte restaurant, which offers free special services to the guests of Villa throughout the day.
  • Turndown Service. Before you go to bed, we’ll prepare your room and bed for bed.
  • Laundry Services. You can use free laundry services when you stay in the hotel 7 nights or more.
  • Delicious and tasty treats. Мariety of fruit plates, homemade chocolates, macaroons, cookies, dried fruit, Turkish delight and freshly squeezed fruit juice will be ready in your room when you arrive.
  • High Speed Internet. Connect to life uninterrupted by high-speed Internet, which is offered throughout the villa.
  • Room Service. We offer gourmet meals and delicious drinks in your villa with room service throughout the day.

Paid services

  • Butler. Using the services of our butler, who offer solutions for all your questions, every detail during your stay can be taken into account. (Free for 3 and 4 bedrooms villa reservations only.)
  • Piano Lessons. During your vacation you can get piano lessons from professional teachers. *Valid only for our guests who stay in the Villa with Four Bedrooms.
  • Dry cleaning. Our dry cleaning service is at your service for your urgent needs.
  • Meet & Assist Service. We offer a Meet & Assist service that provides the comfort and easy access you may need at Antalya International Airport. (Antalya International Airport Departure — Meet & Asst. — CIP Lounge (7 — 13 nights accommodations free)
  • PREMIUM CIP service. We are ready to come to your aid with our Premium CIP service, which offers priority and privileged services at Antalya International Airport. Antalya International Airport Departure / Premium CIP Service (Minimum 14 nights accommodations free)
  • Rent. We offer you our services such as yacht, limousine and helicopter rentals that you may need during your vacation.
  • Personal Trainer. You can use the services of our personal trainer to get in shape or to keep in shape during your vacation.
  • Special meals. At your desire, we offer a rich menu of themed meals for your Villa.
  • Babysitting service. At your request, we offer professional babysitting services for our young guests.
  • Go-Kart Center Services. You can add color to your vacation by taking advantage of the services of the Go-Kart center, where you will experience minutes filled with adrenaline.
  • Horseback riding. At the horse farm, which provides services outside the villa, you can take horseback riding lessons and ride the horses with the help of a trainer.


Lara Barut Collection offers 9 à’la carte restaurants and 7 stylish bars, in addition to a restaurant and bar that offer a menu exclusively for the guests of the villa.

Weik A’la Carte Restoran

Weik A’la Carte restaurant, has been decorated with simple, stylish and modern details, offering its guests a perfect feast of flavours with special dishes. An a’la carte breakfast that offers a pleasant start to your Mediterranean morning with a fragrant aroma, an a’la carte lunch where you can enjoy a delicious break during your vacation, and an a’la carte dinner where you can end the day perfectly... All this is specially prepared for you. Our chefs, expertly interpreting fresh, natural and local ingredients, provide creative table presentations. The exquisite Turkish and international cuisine, an extensive premium drinks menu and a real gourmet feast await you throughout the day.

Bayou Bar

Specialty cocktails for Bayou Villas, prepared by award-winning bartenders, will give you pleasant hours of relaxation that will warm your soul. Open the doors to a magical world at the Bayou Bar, which serves cocktails as well as an array of local and international brands and an extensive wine list. The stylish and welcoming atmosphere awaits you in the interior of the Bayou Bar, where your favourite drinks will be served to a selection of pre-arranged music sheets. Vibrant holiday memories await you at the bar, which offers unlimited drinks from the first light of day in the morning until nightfall.

Bayou Villas Lounge

Bayou Villas Lounge, which has been designed to suit your style, feelings and dreams, is the place where special discoveries happen. Celebrate the start of your holiday with unique treats at Bayou Villas Lounge, which welcomes you in an enchanting atmosphere from day one. Enjoying delightful drinks that will make you forget all the fatigue of your trip, start discovering the special services of Bayou Villas.


Special pavilions give you the chance to experience a unique beach holiday. Escape from the stress of the city and have a privileged Mediterranean experience in one of these pavilions. The pavilions give you the opportunity to enjoy a beach holiday with your partner or loved ones, offering an extensive comfort zone. Enjoy impeccable service and the deep blue Mediterranean in the pavilions, where you will enjoy every moment of the day.

More À La Carte Restoraunts

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  • Akdeniz Fine Dining Restoran
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  • Iro Sushi Bar
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  • Pizzeria Di Laura A’la Carte Restoran


  • The Çay Room
  • Meltem Pool Bar
  • Lagoon Pool Bar
  • Majo Beach Club
  • Yasemin Bar
  • Du Du Mango
  • Pavilion Bar

Suitable for

Discovering Antalya, horseback riding, families with kids




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