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  • Comfortable tent
  • Arriving on helicopter
  • Interior
  • Inside the tent
  • Stylish washbasins and shower
  • Two large fonts
  • Public area
  • Dining in the camp
  • Guests resting in the camp
  • Kurkure valley excursion
  • Mensu waterfall trekking
  • Belukha mountain
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Altai, Russia

Incredible camp in an incredible place. “Forest and Sea” in Altai — a unique tent mini-hotel in the bosom of wild nature. The camp is located far from the popular tourist routes, in taiga forest, on the banks of the mountain river Yedigem. The place is unique in its beauty, and the camp provides comfortable accommodation with great opportunities for tracking.


Russia, Altai Republic, Kosh-Agachsky district. The camp is located in a place rarely visited by people. Location coordinates: 49 ° 53’4.50 “N 86 ° 47’28.51” V. Guests are provided with a comfortable bus transfer: airport — helipad — airport. The tour starts with meeting at the airport of Gorno-Altaysk. Next, a short transfer to the helipad and flight to the camp waits for you. The flight on the MI-8 helicopter takes about 1 hour 20 minutes.

Room Categories

Двухместный номер с завтраками, 24 кв. м.
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The camp can accommodate up to 14 guests. There are 6 tents, all of them are placed on wooden floors. Inside the tent you will find cosy interior with a fireplace, comfortable double beds and everything, that is necessary for a comfortable stay of 2 — 3 adult guests. Each tent offers enchanting views of the Curcourt Falls, the top of Belukha Mountain and Delaunay Peak.

What do you get

- Transfer on a comfortable bus: airport - helipad – airport;
- Comfortable tents (up to 2 adults and 2 children up to 16 years old);
- Children under 7 years old can live in the camp for free;
- Boys and girls accompanied by parents get a 50% discount;
- Cuisine from the chef;
- Medical insurance;
- Excursions with a professional guide;
- You will not need money in the camp.

Services included in the tour price

- Registration of a pass into the border zone, if necessary;
- $ 30,000 voluntary medical insurance;
- Group transfers: Car transfers from the airports of Gorno-Altaysk
(60 km) or Barnaul (330 km) to the Altai Republic, Chemal district;
- Cheposh (helicopter base) and the way back;
- Standard hotel accommodation no less than 3 *
in Gorno-Altaysk after arriving from the camp (1 night);
- Standard accommodation in the mountain camp "Forest and Sea" 7 nights
( 2 adults in a tent, or 2 parents and up to two children under 16 years on extra beds );
- Services on the camping territory;
- Group excursions, accompanied by a guide-instructor;
- Helicopter transfer to the Forest and Sea Camping is not included to the tour price.

What do you need to participate in the tour

- A 25−35 l. backpack for excursions;
- Down jacket or down vest;
- The jacket and trousers should be waterproof,
preferably made of membrane fabric ( GoreTex, etc. );
- A warm jacket and trousers from fabrics like Polartek, fleece;
- Raincoat;
- Thermal underwear, moisture-proof,
non-warmed or medium-warmed
- ( T-shirt with long sleeves and underpants );
- Cotton long-sleeved shirt and trousers ( jeans )
or other similar clothes;
- Shorts ( optional );
- Bathing suit / swimming trunks ( optional );
- Mountain trekking boots;
- Extra pair of shoes ( light shoes or sneakers + slippers );
- Warm hat, hat or cap to protect you from the sun;
- Cotton socks or special tracking socks ( 2-3 pairs ), warm socks ( 1-2 pairs );
- Warm gloves ( 1 pair );
- T-shirt ( 1-2 pcs.);
- Trekking poles ( optional );
- Sunglasses with high UV protection ( 3-4 ), preferably with side protection;
- Sunscreen ( maximum protection );
- Flashlight or headlamp ( optional );
- Personal hygiene items, personal first-aid kit;
- Plastic bottle or flask 0.5−1 l for water;
- Thermos ( optional );
- Repellent ( optional ).

You will live in a large ( 24 sq. m ) tent. The tent is stretched on a flat platform. It has 2 beds, a chest of drawers and other furniture. Next to the tent, you will find your personal closet and washbasin with cold water. The camp has a public area combined with a dining room — two tents of 120 sq. m. each. In the dining room, there is a designer table, chairs, an oven, and a bar counter. There is also a fireplace, some furniture, game tables and games, a projector with a screen and collection of films about Altai, surviving in the wild, hiking and mountaineering, nature and travel, and mini library. Near this area, there is a washbasin and toilet.

Public water area — showers and fonts. It consists of a heated tent, inside which there are washbasins and showers with hot water and two large fonts 3 tons each. Since the fonts are public, bathing is possible only after visiting the shower. This area is equipped with lighting and deck chairs. Electricity and lighting in the camp are powered by the generator, which is located in in the forest and is available from the midday till 23-00.

Communication. There are a satellite Internet and a satellite phone, which is used to coordinate the camp’s work, helicopter, and for emergencies. Permanent Wi-Fi is not provided. If for you the Internet is a necessity, you can order your own Wi-Fi in the tent ( not included in the price ).

Camping “Forest and the Sea — Altai” is located in the wild, in a remote location, inaccessible mountainous area ( Altai Republic, Kosh-Agachsky District, Iedigem River Valley ), in the absence of roads, social infrastructure, as well as mobile communications. The campsite’s location is 1750 m above the sea level. In the campsite and during excursions you can meet wild animals, including a bear.


There is a spacious tent with a restaurant and relaxing area, your own chef and staff. Nearby in the forest, there is a bonfire zone, that is perfect for the evening gatherings.

Suitable for

Discovering Altai Mountains, wildlife lovers, and trekking in remote, inaccessible places




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