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Kayumanis Jimbaran

Bali, Indonesia

Kayumanis Jimbaran is an exotic and idyllic retreat virtually hidden amongst the hypnotic sway of groves of coconut trees and the romantic embrace of the Jimbaran Bay nearby. Every villa is the most spacious and is masterfully juxtaposed in a harmonious dance among every tree. Complemented by an exclusive 24-hour butler service that will make every effort to fulfill every whim without being obtrusive, Kayumanis Jimbaran is the perfect setting of pure serenity, utmost privacy, and unrivalled luxury. Beach facility is only five minutes away.


The hotel is located in the Jimbaran Bay near the fishing settlement. International airport Ngurah Rai is within ten minutes drive.

Room Categories

One-bedroom private estate
Двухместный номер с завтраками, 400 кв. м.
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Two-bedroom private estate
Четырёхместный номер с завтраками, 500 кв. м.
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Seasoned travelers choosing to stay at Kayumanis Jimbaran now have a choice of two exclusive beach facilities for a leisurely day of sun, sea and sand. It is the perfect spot to relax with its golden sands, gentle surf and hypnotic evening sunsets. A light menu of refreshments is also available throughout the day and conveniently charged directly to Kayumanis to be settled upon check out. Alternatively, guests are welcome to take pleasure in the Beach Club at Kayumanis Nusa Dua just a 20-minute drive away.

Located in Buahan Village, the hideaway picnic lunch is the perfect venue for those seeking a moment of peace and tranquility to discover the heart of rural Bali. A leisurely 90-minute drive through traditional Balinese villages and rice paddies, this exclusive Kayumanis picnic grove is a secluded, nature hideaway offering singular views of the mountain ranges of Abang, Batukaru, Puncak Bedugul, and Puncak Mangu and of the dense tropical forests of the Ayung River below. Kayumanis also has the ideal venue for every sun worshipper. Located along the famed white sand beach stretches of Nusa Dua, Kayumanis Beach Picnic is a perfect opportunity to indulge in a relaxed gourmet picnic, to swim, snorkel, or simply luxuriate under the sun for that much sought after tan.

Guests can discover how to cook traditional Balinese fare the Kayumanis way by taking cooking classes. This unique learning adventure involves a visit to the traditional Jimbaran seafood market to select the key ingredients they will need for a private cooking lesson with a Kayumanis chef in the convenience of guest’s own villa kitchen. The cooking lesson is guaranteed to enrich home recipes and provide guests with some memorable insight into the richness of Balinese daily life, culture and traditions.

Yoga is the art of relaxation. Hotel’s yoga masters will guide guests through a series of classes to help them learn how to relax, meditate, and harmonize body and soul in the complex world long after they have left Bali.

For the more adventurous, bicycles are available for those who may wish to explore Jimbaran on their own, or accompanied by a Kayumanis Butler. Cycling through this quaint little fishing village may prove to be a memorable opportunity to totally immerse oneself in Jimbaran’s local charm and to experience the simple traditions and warmth of the local Balinese people.

A complimentary afternoon tea and snacks are available everyday. Guests can unwind with a relaxing chamomile or refreshing Kayumanis tea in the privacy of their villa, at Tapis Restaurant, or at Kalangan Square.

Full and New Moon Blessing Dinner. The advent of the full and new moon is regarded as one of the holiest days requiring special offerings to the deities and gods among the Hindu faithful in Bali. Kayumanis offers the moon’s romantic radiance and its religious significance as a perfect moment to enjoy an authentic Balinese dinner. To take place within the privacy of the villa, the moon blessing dinner is a predominantly white setting with customary flags, traditional umbrellas, tropical flowers, and hundreds of flickering candles. The gentle melodies of Balinese Gender music plays in the background as guests treat themselves to a journey of culinary delights.


Kayumanis Jimbaran offers several dining options to suit every guest’s culinary preference or personal inclination. From a memorable romantic candle-light dinner within the privacy of the villa, to a spicy fish curry soup al fresco, Kayumanis Jimbaran offers every guest an opportunity to satiate every discerning palate. Tapis Restaurant offers patrons a flavorful discovery of Indonesian cuisine. The freshest market produce, exotic herbs and spices, Jimbaran’s seafood, and imported meats are masterfully brought together in a delightful culinary celebration to tantalize every taste bud.




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