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Txai Resort

Ilheus, Brazil

The word Txai, inspired by the Indigenous kaxinawa language, means companion. It symbolizes the attitude of friendship we adopt while receiving guests in our resort. Combining maximum comfort with the luxury of rustic simplicity, the bungalows at Txai Itacaré Resort were built with raw material from the region, such as piassava (dried palm fonds), bamboo and dende palm trees. The bungalows are equipped with a mini-bar, safe, telephone, air-conditioning, an outdoor shower and a king-size bed. Those staying at Txai Itacaré Villas may enjoy the swimming pools, restaurants, treatments at the Shamash Healing Space, leisure areas, as well as all the comfort and infrastructure the resort has to offer.

Wake up in the king-size bed of your dreams, with soft pillows. Enjoy the lush garden and huge azure sky through the window. Let the sun shine in, illuminating and energizing all spaces. Such is life in the 38 suites of Txai Itacaré Resort. The guest suites may be just a few steps from the sand or at the top of hills, with the most stunning ocean views.


The resort set amidst the Atlantic Rainforest, a protected environmental area, 15 km from Itacaré. Besides arriving through ground transportation, a private airport and helipad were built, capable of handling the most modern executive jets and helicopters. Domestic companies have regular flights from the main capital cities to Ilhéus.

Room Categories


Shamash SPA is willing to offer you a perfect healing experience, stimulating you to feel great. Txai is the only resort in Brazil that provides the experience of a unique selection of practices and treatments taken from ancient cultures and enhanced with a special fusion of spices from Bahia.

The complex has one of the best golf courses in the world, the Terravista Golf Course, designed to offer two totally different settings with scenic vistas. The first one (front nine) offers a splendid view of the Atlantic Rainforest, with humidity levels, temperature and landscape typical of the region. The second one (back nine) is ocean front, offering totally different conditions to play the game with a stunning view of the sea.

Txai offers different spaces, which adapt to the size and needs of each event, whether social or corporate. We can comfortably accommodate up to 250 people. Located at strategic points in the resort, with a privileged panoramic view of the tropical gardens, swimming pool and the sea, the size-varied spaces provide all the necessary infrastructure as well as exuberating natural beauty of Itacaré as setting, making your event a unique experience for each guest.


In the hands of experienced chefs, nature gains unique flavors and aromas. We offer grilled lobster with Taioba risotto and tomato prepared with fried garlic, coconut ice-cream with nutty caramel ginger and the special Txai coconut candy. For perfect harmony with the dishes, ask the sommelier for the right wine. The Txai Companions Institute helps families grow the organic produce.

Txai has a bar in every living room and swimming pool. Our bars serve tropical fruit drinks, cocktails, juices, as well as wine, beer and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We also offer a wide menu of tasty tidbits and sandwiches.




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