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Paradise City

Incheon, South Korea

Paradise City opened on April 20, 2017 in the international business complex of Incheon International Airport on Yeongjeongdo Island, Incheon. It is the first resort complex to open in Northeast Asia and is now welcoming in visitors from home and abroad as they travel through this transportation hub of Asia.

With a grand size of 330,000, equivalent to 46 soccer fields, Paradise City is comprised of a hotel, casino, and convention center for a complete art-tainment facility. More amenities are planned to be opened in 2018, including a plaza, spa, club, wonder box (family themed entertainment), performance hall and more.

Paradise City is made up of 12 floors, hotel is located from 5F to 10F with a total of 711 guest rooms, including Deluxe rooms and suites from 45 to 368 sq.m, Deluxe Pool Villa and Grand Deluxe Pool Villa. This five-star hotel promises everything you need from comfort to sensual pleasure for an extravagant vacation. The hotel occupies the central space of Paradise City, making it convenient to reach any of the three 120m-long wings, which branch out in a Y-shape. The wings house a family area, casino, and convention center.


Located 1.1km from Incheon International Airport, the hub airport of Northeast Asia, it is the perfect place to start and end your journey. Located 40 minutes from Seoul (AREX between Seoul Station and Incheon Airport), or 5 minutes via Maglev Train from Incheon Airport and a 15-minute walking, Paradise City has great accessibility for tourists as well.

Room Categories

Deluxe room
Двухместный номер без завтраков, 45 кв. м.
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Premier Deluxe
Двухместный номер без завтраков, 54 кв. м.
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Paradise City’s health and fitness zone will surprise you with its spacious and easy-access sauna facility that offers Jacuzzis, dry and wet sauna rooms, along with a fitness room packed with up-to-date health equipment. You can also enjoy the scenery of Yeongjongdo Island all year round at the indoor pool through the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows while you relax and have fun in the water.

Paradise City is also a popular destination for family vacations due to its family-friendly entertainment facilities such as the Kids Zone, 10 Pins, PlayStation Zone and more. Kids Zone is an earth-themed experience center where children can participate in diverse learning activities using their senses with the assistance of trained staff members. Another family-friendly game facility is 10 Pins, a bowling alley with regular bowling lanes and a special set of bowling lanes just for kids. In particular, 10 Pins features the world’s first pool table made of glass for a billiard experience you don’t want to miss. PlayStation Zone, prepared exclusively for kidults, has enough gaming tools to excite any game lover, including VR games and the latest Sony game consoles.

Equipped with a high-tech gaming system and exceptional customer service, Paradise Casino is the largest casino in Korea, boasting a total of 449 game machines. Aside from the regular gaming room, the casino also has a special entertainment area for holding diverse events and an exclusive VIP facility.


Paradise City has fine casual Italian, Chinese, and Japanese restaurants, contemporary bars and snack bar in the swimming pool. On the Plate Premium Buffet Restaurant consisting of five stations reflecting the latest trends in Europe, New York and Shanghai. Here we select fresh and high-quality ingredients to give all of our dishes the best flavor. From diverse appetizers including Cantonese-style grilled duck to a splendid dessert corner, you can enjoy food from all over the world.

At Italian restaurant La Scala, you can taste the flavors of Milan through variety of simple and sophisticated dishes. Here you can experience gourmet Italian food at a reasonable price.

Raku is a contemporary Japanese fine-dining restaurant where modern atmosphere is shaped through use of vibrant colors in the interior design. You can enjoy various genres of Japanese cuisines that are creatively re-interpreted at reasonable prices.

Imperial Treasure is a 2 Michelin star awarded Chinese fine dining restaurant. It added depth to the authentic Chinese cuisine to provide premium-quality dishes. High-quality Cantonese cuisine such as Pecking Duck and Dim Sum can be enjoyed at Imperial Treasure.

Rubik is a Live Music Lounge that serves all your wishes. With various performances and concepts you will be entertained the moment you enter.

Lounge Paradise is a place where luxurious line of tea can be enjoyed with relaxing music. The tea set that offers the mix of the east and the west is the signature menu of Lounge Paradise

Garden Café is a European-style café that makes you feel like your actually sitting in a European garden. Enjoy a wide range of light meals to our original French desserts and teas that suits your taste.




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