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BIOLI Medical Wellness Resort

Tbilisi, Georgia

Bioli is your unique destination for attaining optimal health at the cellular level and early prevention of health-related risks. Utilizing the latest technologies, the advancements in contemporary medicine and the time-tested Georgian wellness traditions, together with endemic phyto resources, create a powerful combination with no equivalent in the world of preventive medicine.

The healing mountain air, a diet rich with phyto resources, unique wellness activities and procedures will energize your mind, body, and soul in just a few days and rekindle your zest for life. The wellness plan, created by our handpicked group of experienced scientists, will assist you to successfully cope with stress, which single-handedly accelerates the premature aging process. The bespoke plan achieves perfection through timely detection of health risks. This allows you to maintain optimal physical and mental well-being until old age.


BIOLI Wellness Resort is located in 15 km distance from the center of Tbilisi, in Kojori recreation zone, 1200 meters above the sea level.


Premium Cottage

An eco-friendly, individual cottage in the forest zone. Equipped with windows on three sides which provide panoramic views. Breakfast included.

Grand Premium Cottage

An eco-friendly, two-floor cottage in the forest zone. Perfect for families. A new level of luxury. Breakfast included.

Room Categories

Премиум Коттедж
Двухместный номер с завтраками
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Гранд Премиум Коттедж
Четырёхместный номер с завтраками
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  • Health resources
  • Cardio status
  • Stress level
  • Metabolism
  • Fitness Status
  • Facial skin


  • Health Resource Management
  • Stress Management
  • Intro
  • Freedom of movement
  • A Strong Immune System
  • Premium Revival
  • Weight Management

Wellness Procedures

  • Bio-Identical Signaling Therapy
  • Impulsive magnetic therapy
  • Body wrapping
  • Phyto-bath
  • Wine bath with aromatherapy “Calm & Rebalance”
  • Experience Shower and Contrast Shower
  • Maxiflex procedure
  • Foot Maxiflex procedure
  • Maxiflex Kolkhuri
  • Hemolymphatic drainage
  • Chiro-massage
  • Neuro-sedative massage
  • Head and neck massage
  • Vacuum therapy
  • Salt Room
  • Aromatherapy

Aesthetic Procedures

  • Dermotony
  • Ultrasonic cavitation
  • RF-Lifting
  • Paraffin therapy of the upper extremities
  • Paraffin therapy of the lower extremities
  • Facial cosmetic massage
  • Anti-cellulite massage

Physical Activity

Kinesiotherapy is an integral part of medical wellness programs. At Bioli, it implies different types of physical activities, focused on motion treatment. Based on the concept of a medical wellness resort, all individually selected exercises at Bioli are preventative by nature, reducing the risk of developing bone and joint system diseases and avoiding the complications of existing pathological processes. Kinesiotherapy at Bioli incorporates the following physical activities:

  • A special walking technique with poles
  • DecompA ression exercises on the crossover training equipment
  • Articular cartilage exercises
  • Aqua Bike
  • ‘Fitball’ or Fitness-ball
  • Breathing exercises


Since the use of medicinal herbs plays an incredibly important role in the process of human body recovery, Bioli employs specialists who utilize their professional knowledge by gathering medicinal herbs in country’s alpine zones, located on the southern slopes of Georgia’s mountainous regions. Medicinal herbs are natural antioxidants, and at Bioli, they are used both in therapy and in our specially prepared healthful meals. The unique and proper combination of plants enhances our ability to make a targeted impact on the human body.

  • The Bioli Mix
  • Functional nutrition
  • Physical therapy

Entertainment Zone

After a full day of therapeutic procedures, BIOLI’s entertainment zone offers several options for relaxation. It offers guests a cozy atmosphere where they can listen to good music, play billiards, table tennis, darts, chess or backgammon. Guests are also free to sample various types of BIOLI herbal infusions and unique pitcher-wines, exclusively bottled for BIOLI and made using unique organic grape varieties.

Cultural programs

Visiting new places and creating new, unforgettable memories is a perfect therapy to feel better and relax. Therefore, BIOLI organizes outdoor tours in the regions of Georgia and excursions in Tbilisi with the best Georgian tour agencies. Those include sightseeing tours of Georgian historical monuments and attractions, understanding national folklore and traditional “Supra” (Georgian dinner), tasting national cuisine and unique Georgian wines.

For those interested in extreme sports we can arrange balloon rides across the great ridge of the Caucasus Mountains with vineyards, orchards, forests, lakes and rivers on its southern slope. Paraglider rides are also available in different regions of Georgia. Active travelers can enjoy unforgettable rafting tours in the mountains. An important part of the cultural tour is visiting Abanotubani, where our guests can take medicinal Sulfur baths, relax and enjoy the Old Tbilisi views. Taking a raft ride across Mtkvari River will reveal different views of historical Tbilisi, including its mysterious old buildings.


Georgia is a country of amazing contrasts and unique character that has become a travelers’ dream-come-true destination. Gorgeous scenery, stone-carved cities, Georgian polyphonic music and an absolutely unforgettable cuisine — this is Georgia, the country that has resided on the crossroad of civilisations for thousands of years. This is the reason behind its unmatched cultural diversity. This sunny, warm country famous for its hospitality and considered one of the safest places in Europe, leaves a truly incredible impression on its visitors from the very first moment.

Georgia is one of the ancient cradles of European civilization and it’s no surprise it’s considered the place where many human activities have originated. It has been recognized as the birthplace of winemaking — the unique tradition of winemaking counts over 8ooo years. Georgia is fairly considered the origin of gold production and beekeping. Moreover, historical sources also point to rich medical traditions — the term “Medicine” derives from the name of mythological Georgian figure, Medea of the Colchis.

The country has ancient wellness traditions such as enotherapy, which has always been an integral part of the local culture. There is an incredible variety of medicinal mineral waters and muds (peloids) and the mountainous regions of the country are rich in rare phyto resources, used widely in the traditional dishes. Being introduced to the full range of colors and aromas is an art-therapy, bringing as much joy as experiencing cultural monuments.


Kojori is a climate resort on the middle belt mountains surrounding Tbilisi. The resort zone benefits from clean mountain air, summers of average heat, moderate winds and humidity and the sequence of plain and semi-coniferous forests and meadows of fragrant grass. Such a climate helps in restoring the overall health of the body and increasing resistance towards diseases. It also creates a great precondition for aerotherapy.

Kojori possesses interesting historical value as well. The Agarata Fortress (also known as Kojori Fortress) erect in its proximity is dated to the XI century. It used to be of great strategic importance for the feudal Georgia, since it crossed the only road from Armenia-Sabaratiano to Tbilisi. Kojori is also home to another notable medieval monument — the Udzo Monastery. Throughout the centuries, Kojori has served as a summer residence for Kings and aristocrats, due to its special climate and gorgeous views. Nowadays, more and more people come here to improve their immune system and treat respiratory diseases.


Functional nutrition with endemic phyto resources. Fresh, all-natural products, some of which are grown on Bioli Farm, provide the human body with vital and essential elements. Functional nutrition represents a great precondition for strengthening the immune system and positively affects physical and psychological status.In addition, a menu enriched with endemic phyto-elements, provides an anti-oxidative effect on the body, improves metabolism and boosts the immune system. Such a menu also has a detoxifying effect.

Nutritional supplements are selected individually. Dressings (sauces), which are made from mint, rocket, dandelion flower petals, oregano, pennyroyal, coriander, chicory and sea-buckthorn, are used for the enrichment of the menu, for therapeutic prescription. Guests are also encouraged to sample several types of Bioli infusions. Each infusion is a mix of medicinal plants. Also, they stand out for their unique bouquet. The “Detox” mix cleanses the body of harmful elements, “Immuno-tea” strengthens a weakened immune system, “Relax” and “Anti-stress” do a great job relieving tension.


Our exclusive qvevri bio-wines bottled specially for BIOLI, deserve a special mention as they are wines rich in antioxidants and other important microelements. Red wine rich in vitamins and phytoncides (150 ml per day) regulates cholesterol levels in blood and reduces the risk of thrombolytic complications, while the phyto-estrogens included in it (plant analogue of female hormones) maintains women’s youth and beauty during the critical period. The powerful antioxidant effects of wines produced from Georgian grape varietal makes them unique in terms of their enotherapeutic features.


The synthesis of an event hall and a restaurant, “Bioli Hall” sets a special model of nutrition. “Georgian Wellness” cuisine which was innovated in BIOLI has a great effect on improving quality-of-life as it represents a special combination of traditional Georgian flavor with wellness technologies of cooking. The food is enriched with endemic phyto elements (selected individually) and provides an anti-oxidative effect on the body. Fresh, natural products, grown up at the Bioli hothouse are especially rich in vitamins and elements. Our chef cooks the dishes with his own interpretation, the dishes, which are healthy, delicious and bring aesthetic pleasure at the same time. The menu for wellness guests is chosen individually based on medical diagnosis, by the recommendation of the Bioli nutritionist. Reservations should be made 24 hours prior to your arrival.

Suitable for

Attaining optimal health at the cellular level and early prevention of health-related risks.




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