• Ocean Pool Villa
  • Ocean Pool Villa, the pool
  • Panoramic Pool Villa
  • Panoramic Pool Villa bathroom
  • Hill Top Pool Villa
  • Two-Bedroom Ocean Front Villa, private pool
  • Raffles Presidential Villa
  • Main pool
  • Loloan Beach Bar and Grill
  • Rumari
  • Iconic Writers Bar
  • Tea experience in SPA
  • In harmony with nature
  • The Farm Terrace
  • Private beach
  • Touch the spirit of Bali
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Raffles Bali

Bali, Indonesia

Opened in 2020

As the crowded streets of Jimbaran give way to sun-spangled gardens, a sense of tranquillity descends. The winding road takes you deep into the heart of nature, to a hidden corner of the island that is steeped in local legend and defined by beliefs and customs that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Welcome to Raffles Bali, an intimate oasis of emotional well-being offering unparalleled panoramic ocean views and captivating sunsets from every villa. This beachfront resort is surrounded by lush tropical gardens, providing utmost privacy and generosity of space.


The hotel is located in Jimbaran, Bali. The private limousine transfer from Ngurah Rai International Airport to the luxury Balinese resort takes 25 minutes, yet despite its brevity, the journey has the power to transport you from one world to another.


32 Villas ( from 375 sqm to 900 sqm ), consist of Ocean Pool Villas, Panoramic Pool Villas, Hilltop Panoramic Pool Villas, Oceanfront Two Bedrooms Pool Villa, Two bedroom Raffles Presidential Villa.

Ocean Pool Villa

Provides 470 sqm indoor and outdoor space. Timeless Balinese interiors defined by sleek hardwood floors and soft batik fabrics, paired with a garden oasis that has its own traditional gazebo and private pool. Features: ocean view, 35 sqm private pool, generous private terrace with two sundecks, oversized outdoor sheltered gazebo with daybed, opulent tropical garden, modern and elegant interiors, al fresco dining table, his and hers walk-in closet, electronic safe, hypo-allergenic bedding upon request, refrigerated private bar, well-appointed work desk with garden view, coffee machine and tea facilities, yoga mats and bespoke beach amenities, spacious bathroom, soaking tub with ocean view, outdoor and indoor shower facilities, 49-inch television, high-speed internet access ( wired and wireless ), chromecast, 24-hour in-villa dining, daily sleeping ritual.

Room Categories

Hill Top Pool Villa
Двухместный номер с завтраками, 375 кв. м.
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Ocean Pool Villa
Двухместный номер с завтраками, 470 кв. м.
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Panoramic Pool Villa
Двухместный номер с завтраками, 470 кв. м.
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Two-Bedroom Ocean Front Villa
Четырёхместный номер с завтраками, 900 кв. м.
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Raffles Presidential Villa
Четырёхместный номер с завтраками, 900 кв. м.
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The hotel provides exceptional ocean views, secluded beach direct access, away from the bustle of Jimbaran beach gives it the feeling of an oasis, the resort sits in a sprawling 23 hectares of lush greeneries with 32 of the most spacious and well appointed private pool villas in Jimbaran.

Sleep Ritual

Sleep Ritual is part of the global wellbeing program at Raffles, provide you with an unmatched relaxation experience, supporting your emotional wellbeing throughout your stay. Designed to relax and stimulate a good night’s sleep, Raffles Signature Aromatherapy Series is made up of a bespoke blend of essential oils that are combined to assist in linking the riches of the natural world through aromatherapy. These ingredients known to have calming qualities to promote sleep and alleviate any restlessness associated with jet lag.


  • Two couple treatment suites with private showers, changing facilities, a soaking tub and an outdoor terrace
  • Central relaxation area with stations for manicure and pedicure
  • Bespoke treatment suite The Sanctuary
  • Fitness centre, hard-floored tennis courts, and endless outdoor jogging trails throughout the resort
  • Signature Meditation Terrace
  • 250 sqm beachfront infinity swimming pool

Relaxation comes easily at Raffles Bali, where the sound of tropical birds calling through the flora and the scent of the sea on the warm air act as a balm for the soul. For complete emotional wellbeing, unwind beneath the expert hands of a massage therapist at Raffles Spa. There are two treatment suites, each with its own soaking tub and sliding doors that lead out to a hill-view terrace.

Health and beauty programmes borrow inspiration from Balinese and South East Asian traditional healing practices, while mindfulness classes include everything from yoga and meditation to Reiki and sound healing. For a bespoke experience, book a wellness journey at the remote hillside treatment suite, The Sanctuary. Opened 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM.

Treatments at Raffles Spa and private hillside venue "The Sanctuary" borrow elements from time-honoured local traditions to help you reconnect with your inner sense of wellbeing. The approach to wellness and relaxation is holistic, extending beyond the walls of the spa itself to influence all aspects of your stay. From nutrition for pleasure to enriching wellbeing experiences and the soothing design of your private villa, everything at Raffles Bali is designed to give you the gift of uninterrupted peace.

Infinity Swimming Pool

  • 25 meters long
  • Beachfront location
  • Well appointed sun decks and oversized cabanas
  • Refreshments, signature cocktails and lunch from Loloan Beach Bar and Grill Raffles Bali residents only
  • Opens from 7:00 AM to 07: 00 PM

Raffles Wellbeing Butler

  • “ Service like a Gentle Breeze”
  • You never realize they are there, but you always miss them when you leave
  • Pre-arrival contact with guests ensuring their preferences are recorded and taken care of
  • Creating indelible memories with the guests
  • Surprise and delight the guests on every touch point
  • Ensure each well travelled connoisseurs arrive as guests, leave as friends, return as family

Long before Bali made its mark on the global tourist map, the people of Jimbaran relied on the bountiful waters of the Indian Ocean and the island’s fertile, ash-enriched soil to earn their livelihoods. The home of artisanal fishermen and subsistence farmers, the village was a sleepy idyll that cast its spell over all who found their way there. By the dawn of the 1960s, Jimbaran’s reputation as the place to go for fresh-caught seafood and incomparable sunsets was firmly established, attracting luxury hotels and resorts to emerge along the coastline, amongst the banana groves and coconut palms that had stood there for centuries.

Today, Jimbaran is one of the most upmarket areas in southern Bali. It is quieter and more authentic than the nearby resort areas of Kuta and Seminyak, yet close enough to both for those who wish to explore their lively bars and restaurants. To discover part of the island that has changed very little over the years, head further south into the Nusa Dua peninsula. This is a land of ancient sea temples and hidden jungle villages, where lore and legend still imbue every aspect of daily life. Take part in a blessing ceremony at neighbouring Loloan Temple, or watch the sunset dance ritual at Uluwatu Temple to feel the magic for yourself. Raffles Wellbeing Butlers are on hand to create once-in-a-lifetime cultural and private experiences just for you, or to accompany you anywhere you wish to go.


Loloan Beach Bar and Grill

Take a stroll down the winding hill path or be chauffeured in one of the resort buggies. Regardless of how you choose to get to Loloan Beach Bar and Grill, the uplifting spirit of endless summer awaits. The waters of the infinity pool shimmer in the sunlight, seamlessly giving way to the golden expanse of the beach beyond. Enjoy the turquoise ocean water or refreshing infinity pool with signature Bali Sling.


Arrive in the soft light of early morning for a cup of fragrant Indonesian coffee and an a la carte international breakfast. Or make a visit to Rumari Restaurant the closing highlight of your day with dinner on the sea-view terrace. Located at the resort’s highest point, the restaurant is almost always caressed by cooling breezes which carry the tantalising scent of Balinese cooking from the kitchen.

The Farm Terrace

In Bali, terraced rice paddies dressed in velvet green, lush groves of banana trees and plantations rich with coffee tell the story of the island’s agricultural heritage. That same abundance is replicated at the Farm Terrace, where exotic herbs, fruits and vegetables grow in astonishing profusion.

At a farm-style table set beneath a vine-covered pergola and surrounded by citrus trees, you can learn how to use ingredients picked by your own hand to create authentic local recipes and infused cocktails. This idyllic venue is also the setting of a culinary journey that begins with sunset drinks and a blessing at the beach, and concludes with a multi-course al fresco feast.

The Purnama

The sun hangs low in the sky, reaching towards the silken sea and casting trails of ochre and gold in its wake. You have front row seats to the show as you sip aperitifs at Loloan Beach Bar and Grill, before wandering hand-in-hand towards Purnama. A fire pit lights the path to this romantic gazebo, built on the rocks above the ink-dark water. Let the soft sounds of singing Genta Urag bells lead you to your table. The menu is inspired by the gazebo’s incomparable ocean views, featuring the very best of Jimbaran’s seafood bounty paired with fine wines. Afterwards, the romance continues with candles set up in your private villa.

The Secret Cave

The Secret Cave is a place of magic that has changed very little since the day nature revealed it during the resort’s construction. Soft grains of sand shift across the stone floor beneath your feet, and plumes of sandalwood incense rise upwards towards the lichen-spotted roof. Your time here begins with a sunset cocktail. Flickering torches light the way, while candlelight paints patterns across the stone walls. An intimate table setting awaits.

Take your seat to the sound of traditional Balinese music. Whether you choose Indonesian or Western cuisine, the culinary team will disclose each secret recipe and the ingredients utilised to celebrate your special occasion. The menu is served alongside bespoke cocktails and the finest wines.

Iconic Writers Bar

In Jimbaran, the close of the day is marked with a spectacular sunset. The Ruffles has it’s own way of welcoming the advent of another star-studded evening – and that’s with cocktails on the terrace at The Writers Bar. The perfect venue to watch the show as the sky's blazing colours accompany the sun's disappearance into the horizon.

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Amazing beach vacations, discovering culture and history of Bali




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