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Shilla Jeju-do

Jeju-do, South Korea

The sounds of the Pacific Ocean waves, the tranquility of Mt. Halla and the star-filled

night sky make the The Shilla Jeju a true delight for all the senses. It is truly the perfect place to escape.


The hotel is located on the Pacific Coast in the heart of Chunmun’s resort on the southern coast of the island, in only 50 minutes from the airport and 20 miles to the west of Sigvipho city.

Room Categories

Standard Room mountian view
Двухместный номер с завтраками, 39 кв. м.
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Standard Room ocean view
Двухместный номер без завтраков, 39 кв. м.
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For guest’s free time enjoyment, the hotel offers leisure activities through resort entertainment support system - the G.A.O program. Golf, Swimming Pools, Fitness, Sauna, various indoor and outdoor leisure sports facilities are found in fitness club. Traditional goods shops offer a stunning selection of specialties from Jeju Island, Chilbo craft shop, a collection of charming teddy bears from the Teddy Bear Shop and other souvenirs. To offer an enjoyable shopping experience, The Shilla Duty Free has created a comfortable atmosphere of 4000 sqm displaying trendy products from more than 300 world-famous brands.

Gymboree, the world’s best enterprise specializing in play music education has cooperated with The Shilla Jeju for the first time in the industry. The newborn Gymboree Kids Club is willing to provide various high-quality programs for kids staying at the hotel.

The place where Jeju’s God-given superb nature and culture meet is Soombi Garden. Each season has different colors and cool breezes, the fragrant scent of grasses, and the sounds of nature, making a memorable story in Soombi Garden. «Soombi» is the sound made when Jeju’s women divers dived in and got out of water to take the first breath. The hotel gives out free brochures that contain a mini map of Soombi Garden for visitors. In the brochure, there is a map to help finding the most beautiful spots in Soombi Garden with interesting stories relating to them enhanced and written by famous writer Jo Jeong-Rae.

The Shilla Jeju operates an immense Casino open only to foreign visitors, which testifies to the international spirit of our hotel. The 860 sqm area is equipped with roulette, blackjack, slots and other game machines in an authentic deluxe decor and European-styled atmosphere, making it very popular with foreign visitors to Jeju Island.


Cheonjee invites guests to enjoy and explore the flavors of Jeju Island’s many unique delicacies and other Korean specialties.

Traditional Japanese seafood from the clean sea of Jeju island is served at Hinode. Here guests can savor a wide variety of Japanese dishes from Sushi to Teppanyaki. Teppanyaki with its technique of frying the seafood in front of the guests is one of the particular favorites on the menu.

«Cozy» means «cape» in Jeju dialect. Cozy Restaurant colored in pastel tones offers the ambience of a cafe in Europe. Guests are welcome to treat themselves while appreciating the art works bathed in sunshine.

The mood of the island can be felt through tropical cocktails, traditional tea, and dessert at Badang. It is a place to enjoy a fine garden and the romantic night sea with live music.

Reflecting the European style with classical antique furniture, a warm fireplace and a vast collection of books, Ollae has the ambience of a private library in a Western mansion.

Guests can enjoy the romantic mood with a glass of wine and mellow jazz in the bar decorated with beautiful artwork.

Soft live music, a romantic mood and an attractive stage with spotlight…Guests can have enjoyable moments to the fullest in Dalmoree and can feel another attraction of the resort.




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