South Korea

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    Jeju-do is the largest island in South Korea with the capital city of the same name. On a quite small territory there are many sights with high-developed tourism infrastructure, making it easy to visit several spots in a one day. From ancient times Jeju-do was considered to be the most romantic place for loving couples. Many Koreans spend their honeymoon here. Jeju-do amazes with its unbelievably beautiful landscapes, mountains full of grace and lightness, colored with bright azaleas. Here is located the only world waterfall flowing into the sea. Jeju-do has mild marine climate; usual for Europeans four seasons can be distinctly traced here. The island has many botanical gardens, parks and unusual museums with the Tea House Museum, Museum of Health & Sex, and the Chocolate Museum among them. Here are many things Russian tourists are unaccustomed to; they are sure to have many impressions.

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