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  • La Datcha Astrachan main entrance
  • Arrival
  • "Tsaplya" bedroom, 42 sq.m.
  • "Flamingo" bedroom, 48 sq.m.
  • Two-story bedroom "Lebed" 50 sq.m, lower level
  • Two-story bedroom "Lebed" 50 sq.m, upper level
  • "Sapsan" bedroom, 84 sq.m.
  • "Sapsan" bathroom
  • "Orlan" bedroom, 106 sq.m.
  • "Orlan" bathroom
  • Dining room zone
  • Luxury dining
  • Living Room with giant windows
  • Sauna on the first floor
  • SPA treatment room
  • Ice cold pool between the sauna and the Turkish bath
  • Gym with the best equipment
  • Billiard room on the first floor
  • Water adventures
  • Fisherman’s wardrobe and equipment
  • Fishing is excellent all year round
  • In the world of fishing, Astrakhan has become a household name
  • One of La Datcha Astrachan's boats
  • First floor plan
  • Second floor plan
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La Datcha Astrachan

Astrakhan , Russia

La Datcha Astrakhan: a quiet oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in the magnificent Volga’s delta. For a relaxing getaway, fishing and spearfishing. La Datcha Astrakhan is comfortably nestled in the lower reaches of the Volga River on a channel running into the Caspian Sea.The place is an architectural embodiment of a débarcadère, a wharf boat used to moor steamboats. The horizontal shapes, the white and blue shades of the facades and long rooflines bring in naval and ship associations. The interior is dominated by masculine vibes: pine beam walls, antique barn wood flooring, furniture made of natural materials.


The journey to the datcha from Astrakhan airport will take two and a half hours.

Room Categories

Гостевой дом "Ля Дача Астрахань"
12-местный номер с завтраками, 1205 кв. м.
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The guests are captivated by details of design such as vintage lights, extraordinary handmade furniture, and the layout perfected to the slightest detail. The first floor houses a living room, a dining room with a personal bar and a billiard room. There is also a space for a fisherman’s wardrobe, shower, and drying rooms here, and set up a lounge area with a Bang & Olufsen home theatre and a Studio Evolution karaoke system. If you play music and have your instruments around, you and your friends will be able to throw small unplugged parties using datcha’s equipment.


La Datcha Astrakhan can only be booked as a whole for vacations with family or friends. There are five bedrooms on the first floor, each with a separate bathroom, toilet and wardrobe. Its main and guest houses will comfortably accommodate up to twelve and six guests, respectively. All accommodation terms are agreed individually. Bedrooms are 106, 48, 42, 50 and 84 sq. m.

Four rooms have a balcony for your evening bliss with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. The rooms are designed with natural fabrics only: linen for the curtains; silk, jacquard satin, and batiste for the bedrooms; leather and canvas for the furniture. The hotel’s team will be thrilled to see their guests enjoying every little detail at the La Datcha Astrakhan.

Leisure at The Datcha

At La Datcha Astrakhan, you will be able to fully relax and enjoy each and every moment of your vacation. In the morning, guests come down to the dining room to have breakfast and discuss plans for the day. After breakfast, guests proceed to the living room or go up to get themselves ready for a stroll.Living room is a double height hall to give you more space and air with huge floor-to-ceiling windows and no boundaries between the two floors.

The living room overlooks picturesque meadows and the channel in front of datcha. Fishing boats sail down this channel to the Lower Volga and into the Caspian Sea. After dinner, guests gather here for a glass of wine. If they wish to, they play billiards on a table placed behind the dining room and the bar. Architects call such designs «sky light» giving you the feeling of light and airiness.


At La Datcha Astrakhan, there is a space for a fisherman’s wardrobe, shower, and drying rooms on the first floor, which can be accessed from either a separate door to the left of the main entrance or from the hallway. Here you can change before or after fishing and step right into the spa centre featuring a sauna, a Turkish bath and an icy pool.

You can go fishing in one of the three multi-purpose motor boats steered by professional game keepers. They will safely deliver you to the prime fishing locations, offering an abundant catch. One of the boats is a luxury vehicle ideal for both fishing and relaxing waterway excursions.

There is no midseason in Lower Volga region. Fishing is excellent all year round. In the world of fishing, Astrakhan has become a household name when it comes to fishing for catfish, bronze carp, and asp, or when you picture water bubbling with sabrefish. Datcha’s huntsmen will take you to the riffles inhabited by asp. Look for catfish and pike-perch near underwater pits, while carp dwells among the snags.

If you prefer bank fishing, the team will provide you with the necessary equipment, such as overalls, fishing gear and bait. If you get bored, just switch to kayaking, wakeboarding or water skiing. Let the staff know if you need wetsuits, underwater crossbows, rods, fishing lure or wobblers, and they will be there to take care of that.

Fitness and Spa

The datcha’s left wing on the first floor is all about your spa and wellness experience. You can use gym facilities and go to the sauna or the Turkish bath afterwards to ease muscle tension. There is a small ice cold pool between the sauna and the Turkish bath for you to cool down quickly. After the heat session and the swimming, the staff will be delighted to meet you at the bar in the lounge and offer fresh juices, tea, and appetizers. If the weather permits, everything will be served out on the terrace.


A chef from St Petersburg is in charge of cuisine at La Datcha Astrakhan. Inspired by traditional Russian recipes and faithful to the age-old Russian hospitality customs, the team treats guests with pancakes, caviar and fish dishes. Enjoy a selection of Russian specialties: black and pike caviar, sturgeon, sevruga, sterlet, and beluga. A familiar European menu will complement the Russian cuisine in the most elegant way.

The team will also be delighted to treat you to a thick fish soup or any other dish from the fish you have just caught. If you have any special requests or preferences in your diet, just let them know. Their goal and commitment is to provide an ideal combination of taste and service for whatever the guests may wish. Several years were spent in search for the best collection wines worthy of La Datcha’s cellars. Eventually, the Datcha came up with a wine list that will make even the most experienced of wine lovers happy.

Suitable for

Fishing, big companies, families with kids, connection with nature




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