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7 Columns Chalet

Yerevan, Armenia

You may have heard of the seven pillars of wisdom. There are seven ways we can become wiser in the way we deal with things in our lives. What is the origin of the seven pillars of wisdom? The origin is in the Bible at Proverbs chapter 9, verse 1.

Wisdom has built her house; she has carved out her seven pillars. Wisdom has been symbolized as a woman who has built a permanent house for herself. It is a solid house with seven pillars that support its stone roof. Wisdom is permanent and must be housed for the long term.

We would like to offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy a memorable dinner at our Seven Pillars chalet, in the Mountains of Aragats.

Things you will be doing:

You will be admiring a magnificent view from our patio overlooking the Aragats Mountain. Mount Aragats is an isolated four-peaked volcano massif in Armenia. Its northern summit, at 4,090 m above sea level, is the highest point of the Lesser Caucasus and Armenia. It is also one of the highest points in the Armenian Highlands. We will take a drive down the Southern slopes of Aragats mountain which is situated in Aragatsotn province of Armenia. The views of Aragats and Arailer volcanoes are breathtaking. Closer to Ashtarak town you will have a chance to take photographs of spectacular Kasakh river gorge.

We will take you on a hike from Buyrakan village to Amberd fortress (30 km and almost 1.5 hours). Amberd is a 10th-century fortress located 2,300 meters above seal level, on the slopes of Mount Aragats at the confluence of the Arkashen and Amberd rivers. The name translates to “fortress in the clouds” in Armenian.

We will then take a drive to Lake Kari which is a lake located on the slopes of Mount Aragats. It is located 3,185 meters above the sea level. We will pitch our tents for an overnight stay. Dinner and rest.

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12-местный номер с завтраками, 1200 кв. м.
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