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    Yerevan is the capital of Armenia with the population of 1.2 million people. The city is located in the center of Ararat Valley on the banks of the Razdan River. According to the legends, the city was founded by Noah. It is surrounded by numerous tourist spots. Yerevan is a starting point to different tours across the country; most of the landmarks are located within a short distance from the capital. It is the city of science, culture and education, the largest and oldest cultural center in Armenia with various museums, libraries, art galleries and theatres. Tourist will find here many places of interest. The central part of the city is made in the shape of a cup on three sides surrounded by mountain range stretching from northeast to southwest towards the Ararat Mountain located on the Turkey’s territory. Central streets’ layout resembles a web leading to the Republic Square, featuring monumental administrative buildings and the Museum complex. In the 30-s many churches and mosques were destroyed in Yerevan, but the city still has well preserved religious building constructed in 15-18 centuries. Yerevan is an ancient and at the same time a modern city welcoming guests with unparallel hospitality.

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