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Forestis Dolomites

Bressanone, Italy

Renovated in 2020

Forestis is located in a densely wooded area, 1,800 m above sea-level, with a view of the Dolomites. The area’s unique and outstanding natural character had already prompted the Austrian monarchy to establish a tuberculosis sanatorium at precisely this special site.


Forestis lies in a sheltered sunny location on the southern slope of the Plose mountain in the South Tyrolean Alps, directly opposite the impressive massifs of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. The extraordinarily pure Plose spring water, fresh mountain air, many sunny days and mild climate, where Adriatic currents meet air masses from the North, have a favourable effect upon the health and well-being. The distance from the nearest airports:

  • Bressanone — 16 km
  • Innsbruck — 108 km
  • Verona — 207 km



35m² — 2 persons — 1 bedroom. The 35 m² Room features a bedroom with a kingsize boxspring bed with direct view of the Dolomites and a closet with safe. The Room is equipped with TV, seating, minibar and desk. The bathroom is equipped with a rain shower, toilet, hairdryer and all the Forestis amenities.


50 m2 — 2 persons — 1 bedroom. The suites in the historic building have a bedroom with a kingsize boxspring bed and an adjacent walk-in closet with safe. The separate living area is furnished with a seating area, TV, minibar and a desk. The bathroom has a rain shower, toilet, bidet, hairdryer and all the Forestis amenities. The south-facing balcony of the suites offers a direct view of the Dolomites.


200 m2 — 2 persons — 1 bedroom — Rooftop with pool. The two-storey, 200 m² penthouse suite has a bedroom with kingsize boxspring bed and an adjacent walk-in closet with safe. The spacious living area is furnished with seating and TV, a bar, a large dining table, a guest toilet and an open fireplace. A large terrace with table and seating opens to the south. The bathroom is equipped with bathtub, rain shower and separate toilet with bidet, a hairdryer and all the Forestis amenities. On the upper floor there is a private pool with sun loungers with dolomites views, a spruce wood sauna and a shower.

Room Categories

Двухместный номер с завтраками, 35 кв. м.
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Двухместный номер с завтраками, 50 кв. м.
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Tower Suite
Двухместный номер с завтраками, 55 кв. м.
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Двухместный номер с завтраками, 200 кв. м.
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Pool. The indoor and outdoor pool brings the element of water into a new and beautiful combination with stone. The rock type dolomite is responsible for the exceptional purity of the waters of the Plose mountain, which also fills the stone pool.

Saunas. The tradition of cleansing the body in sauna sessions comes from the Northern European culture. The saunas are furnished with natural wood and stone. Due to the heat, the wood releases essential oils, which also have a healing and calming effect.

Silence Rooms. Peace and quiet is one of the main qualities of Palmschoss and healthy sleep is the most important pre-condition for regeneration. The Silence Rooms allow the experience of absolute peace and put the body into a deep state of relaxation.

Wyda Room. The Wyda Room is furnished with the local materials of wood, glass, stone and fabrics, which act on each other here as energy fields and combine. Millennia-old energy exercises are practised in this room. Wyda, the yoga of the Celts.

Fitness Room. The fitness area is always open all day to allow individual training on the equipment. The fitness concept, of course, extends further into nature, which offers beautiful routes for jogging and mountain biking.

Treatment Rooms. The door to the treatment rooms leads to spaces of stillness. The acoustic design of this area keeps out every distraction. Each moment of the application can be felt here in its entirety. The treatment rooms offer healing therapies in combination with touching techniques individually adapted to each person.



The Forestis is located at 1,800 metres above sea level in the South Tyrolean Dolomites and has a direct connection to the Plose ski region. A quiet forest path leads directly from the Forestis ski room to the slopes and to the valley station of the chairlift, which takes you to the mountain station on the Plose. From there, you reach Plose’s 45 kilometres of ski slopes via numerous modern char lifts, ranging from easy to intermediate level. The Plose ski resort has the longest valley run in South Tyrol. You will find cosy mountain huts offering local cuisine, hot drinks and great views of the surrounding mountains along the slopes. A trail from the slope takes you through the woods, directly back to the door of the Forestis ski room. Other options for skiing near Forestis include Sellaronda, Seiseralm and Kronplatz, each of which are about 60 minutes away by car.

Snowshoe hiking

The densely forested environment of the Forestis offers the perfect conditions for meditative or quiet winter sports and walks through the snow. Snowshoeing offers you a deeper connection to nature and to you own body. Forestis hiking guide Herbert leads excursions over frozen brooks, past snow-covered woodland and untouched snow fields, directly through the UNESCO natural heritage in South Tyrol. You can borrow snowshoes, poles and backpacks at Forestis, free of charge.

Ski touring

South Tyrol offers countless opportunities for pleasure skiing off the beaten track. One great tour runs directly from Forestis to the Gabler. The climb leads through dense forests to one of the most beautiful vantage points in the area. The trail then enters a vast, open space, which makes the descent south past the Schatzerhütte down to the ski hut into a spectacular experience. From there, you can take the gondola lift directly to the ski slope, which leads back to Forestis.


The landscapes of the Dolomites region are full of charming views, no matter the season. In the spring, you can watch nature come to life and the colours bloom while the mountains remain covered in snow. In the summer, the hillsides are green and the scents of grass, mountain herbs and tree resin fill the air. The bright, warm colours of autumn welcome the first snow, which fills the woods with deep silence. Forestis offers guided hikes to the most beautiful destinations in the area and beyond throughout the year. Hiking guide Herbert leads a variety of tours, from easy to be challenging, and shares exciting and interesting facts about the environment and local traditions. Our sunrise hikes are particularly impressive and available in the summer and winter alike.


Wyda is the movement theory of the Celtic Druids, which aims to unite humankind and nature and help people achieve harmony and contentment through mindfulness. Born in our latitudes, this philosophy is like Qi Gong and Yoga in terms of the exercises. Given the powerful natural surroundings at Forestis, the setting is ideal for Wyda energy work. For this reason, it is a central component of the exercise and holistic regeneration programs.


There are four bike lines on Mount Plose. They run mainly through dense forest, making the sport into an intense natural experience. The flowing trails, which are suitable for almost anyone, lead up to Palmschoß. You reach the chair lift from Forestis via a short walk through the woods, and bike rentals are available at the mountain station. One highlight for bike fans is the annual Mountainbike Testival in Brixen in September. Visitors can learn about the latest trends and talk about the best gear and trails.



Around 50 metres above Forestis, the clear water of the Plose mountain emerges from an artesian spring. The rock from which it springs guarantees that the purity, quality and temperature of the water remains consistent throughout the year. It is also responsible for its exceptional composition. With a dry residue of only 22 mg per litre and a pH-value of 6.6, which corresponds to that of human cells, it is among the purest and lightest waters in the world.


Far away from traffic and everyday life, the mountain air — free from harmful substances — boasts properties that high-altitude medicine describes as being especially conducive to the strengthening of the body. The different oxygen level in the mountains is a real challenge for the body and brings the interplay of lungs and cardiovascular system into top form. Thanks to the clean mountain air, the lungs are better supplied with blood and the body absorbs oxygen more effectively. As a result, the improvement in oxygen transportation stimulates the organism to form an increased number of red blood corpuscles and blood flow improves, due to which the cells are supplied with more fresh oxygen. Cell regeneration takes place more swiftly.


With about 300 sunny days per year, Palmschoss in South Tyrol is one of the most favoured areas of the Alpine region. Forestis is located on the southern slope of the Plose mountain and thus enjoys direct sunlight into all its rooms from morning to evening. The sun has an extremely positive effect on body and spirit. Sunbathing has been proven to reduce cholesterol in the blood. This ensures the release of the essential vitamin D, which in turn promotes the absorption of calcium and thus strengthens the bones. Due to the heat, the blood vessels dilate and blood pressure sinks.


On the Plose mountain, warm, salty winds from the Mediterranean region meet cool northern currents from the Brenner Pass. This interaction produces a climate in which the vegetation thrives profusely, and the body is gently exercised by the combination of mild temperatures and a high location. One feels a pleasant tiredness, one sleeps longer, and better and holistic regeneration starts to take place even after just a short while. This climate is especially beneficial for people with allergies, breathing problems or skin complaints. The forest, which surrounds Forestis is the major feature of the landscape here on the southern slope of the Plose and contributes to the swift stress reduction experienced by the body in this climate region.


  • Guests from the age of 14 are welcome to stay at Foresti
  • One dog per room allowed with an additional charge
  • The Forestis is a non-smoking hideaway and we do not offer any areas for smokers indoors. Outside, the terraces and garden areas are at your disposal
  • At Forestis you can borrow backpacks, hiking poles and snowshoes free of charge. For your bike excursion you are welcome to hire mountain-bikes and e-bikes from the Plose top station of the cable car. We will be happy to do this for you upon request; additional charges are payable



The restaurant is step shaped. This way each table offers the desired privacy and at the same time an extensive view of the surrounding forests and sunsets over the Dolomites. Nature can be experienced here in the room through floor-to-ceiling windows.


The bar and lounge with terrace are located in the historic building. The little fireplaces indoors and outdoors encourage regular evening get-togethers that fully reflect the warmth and hospitality of South Tyrol. The Celts incorporated the meditative effect of open fire into their rituals. Forestis adopts their understanding of nature in its ceremonial creation of various drinks: using essences from the surrounding forests, such as herbs, nuts, and berries, as well as shrubs, barks, and fir needles, each drink becomes a little work of art.

Suitable for

Restoration of health and unity with nature. Lovers of hiking and mountain biking. One dog per room allowed with an additional charge. Guests from the age of 14 are welcome. The hotel is a non-smoking is a non-smoking hideaway




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