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    Manila is the capital of the Philippines situated on the north-eastern part of the Luzon Island, on the coast of Manila Bay. Many tourists find it the most striking Asian city with its culture mix and different historical monuments. It started with a medieval Spanish fortress Intramuros — the first residence of the governor and the archbishop. The attack threat forced the Spanish to fence Manila in shielding walls with the total length of 4.5 km. During the World War II Manila was ruined to its base. But lately it has been growing fast, having become one of the largest Asian cities.

    Among tourists attractions there are historical park Rizal, City Chinatown selling golden and pearl jewelry, and the Manila Cathedral built in Romanesque style of Filipino grizzle. At night the city is equally lively. The Roxas Boulevard houses most famous manila night clubs. The smallest volcano in the world, Taal Volcano, is situated in an hour drive. Its crater has a valley located 100 m below sea level. The Manila Bay opens sea routes to Singapore, Yokohama and San-Francisco.

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