Nha Trang


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    Nha Trang is the most popular resort on the South Central Coast of Vietnam, famous for its white sandy beaches, underwater world and tropical islands. The weather in Nha Trang is steady and sunny all the year round with the precipitation level lower than in the other regions of Vietnam. During past years the city started to attract more and more tourists, however, it still remains the small town with a population of 300 thousand people. Nha Trang, first of all, offers a great rest by the sea. Beautiful long beaches with fine and clean sand, deep yet calm water; cozy bays and hot sun all the year round create all opportunities for beach holidays. Many tremendous diving spots with the visibility in water of 10-30 meters are located just in 15 minutes ride on a high-speed boat from the Nha Trang Port. Here live rare fish and more than 400 species of corals. The city also got its fame as a health resort due to the mud cure clinic and mineral baths. Nha Trang is worth visiting for interesting excursions to many crafts villages and monuments of Indo-Chinese Civilization.

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