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Healthy and Happy

Our partners, friends or relatives’ Health is something important to all of us, yet we don’t often think about giving health as a gift. A poor diet, constant stress, pollution or tobacco are only some of the daily factors that make our health get worse and hamper ourselves to really enjoy our lives as we should do. Be original and give a stay at SHA Wellness Clinic to the ones you love, they will escape their routine.

Excess weight is the cause of many health problems such as heart disease or diabetes; it conditions our vitality and lifestyle. Put this right with this personalised programme to control your weight.

A weight control and health recovery programme based on ancient nutritional know-how from the oldest country, combined with natural herbal therapeutic drinks. During stay guests will learn how to follow a natural, healthy, balanced diet to promote a healthy weight control

The great team of professionals that run the SHA Wellness Clinic make a daily commitment to attain their most prized reward: our guests’ recognition and an improvement in their lives.

Well aware of the importance that health has for us, in SHA we seek excellence in each of our team members, who come from over 35 different nations. In particular, SHA’s Medical Area can count on distinguished professionals in aesthetic medicine, genetic medicine and anti-ageing, as well as natural detoxifying treatments that always work on the root of any health problem, looking for an effective, lasting solution.

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